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General terms and conditions for Hanscraft & Co. GmbH , Ruchelnheimstr. 24, 63743 Aschaffenburg, hereinafter referred to as "Brewery".


The following conditions apply to business dealings with the brewery's customers, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Orders are requested in good time before the desired availability / delivery date. If possible, the orders placed will be carried out promptly and according to the order. If the order is placed in good time, delivery takes place either in accordance with the brewery's tour schedule, by commissioning our partner shipping company or by collection, if necessary by a shipping company commissioned by the customer. There are no deliveries and collections on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The brewery is released from its obligation to provide / deliver as long as it is prevented from fulfilling the order in whole or in part as a result of force majeure - in particular through a labor dispute - or is obliged to temporarily restrict or cease its business activities for the purpose of taking industrial action. The transport and operationally safe loading according to the current state of the load securing technology takes place upon collection by the person collecting the goods. The person collecting the goods employs trained specialists, issues instructions for placing the goods on the vehicle and provides the necessary load securing equipment. In the case of a sale from the ramp, the brewery places the goods on the vehicle of the person collecting the goods as instructed by the driver. The brewery is not a shipper i. S. d. Section 412 of the German Commercial Code. The brewery does not check the load securing measures carried out by the collector or his vicarious agents. The brewery is not liable for damage caused by insufficient load securing.


The brewery will produce and provide / deliver the drinks in perfect quality. Beer should be stored and transported frost-proof, cool, and protected from sunlight and light. The best beer cellar temperature is seven to eight degrees Celsius. Any complaint about the quality must be reported to the brewery immediately in writing by the customer. Complaints about obvious defects and deviations from the quantities specified on the delivery notes must be made upon receipt of the goods, at the latest within 7 days. Otherwise the brewery's liability for these defects is excluded. If the complaint is justified, the brewery can deliver a defect-free item. The customer must grant the brewery a reasonable period of time for this. Drinks complained about with good reason only entitle them to return them, but generally not to reject further, faultless drinks. In the event of a dispute, the Romeis Institute, Schlimpfhofer Str. 31, 97723 Oberthulba, as arbitrator, will make a binding decision on the beverage quality. In the case of proven, willful or grossly negligent damage, the brewery is liable in accordance with the statutory provisions. It is also liable if an essential contractual obligation is culpably violated. The liability for compensation for damage instead of performance remains unaffected. The amount of liability in the aforementioned cases - with the exception of liability for intent - is limited to the extent of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. The legal liability for personal injury of any kind remains unaffected. This does not affect the customer's claims arising from liability under the Product Liability Act. When returning items with a best-before date of more than four but less than eight weeks, the brewery will reimburse 50% of the purchase price plus VAT once as a gesture of goodwill. When returning items with a best-before date of less than four weeks, there is no entitlement to a credit note. In the case of reduced promotional goods as well as goods for which exclusive and non-competitive resale has been agreed, there is no possibility of return and credit at any time. Here, the well-considered shopping behavior should be supported.

Prices and Payments:

The applicable list prices of the brewery plus VAT are decisive. If delivery is made in whole or in part by a third party, the prices agreed between the customer and the customer apply to the deliveries. Price changes become effective upon notification to the customer. Claims are due immediately and without deduction upon receipt of the invoice. The invoices are paid immediately or seven days after the invoice has been issued, using the SEPA direct debit procedure. If the customer uses a different method of payment without prior agreement, the brewery is entitled to charge a surcharge in accordance with the currently valid price list. In the event of late payment, in particular late payment, the brewery has the right to demand payment upon collection or delivery (cash payment) plus a surcharge and to make further provision / deliveries dependent on the payment of the arrears. We reserve the right to declare all campaigns and special offers, even without giving reasons, to be terminated before their official expiry.

Retention of title:

The brewery retains ownership of goods until they have been paid for in full. The resale of the goods delivered under retention of title may only take place within the framework of proper business management. The customer may neither pledge the goods nor transfer them to third parties as security. The customer hereby assigns to the brewery in advance claims of the customer against third parties from the resale of the goods subject to retention of title. The brewery hereby accepts this assignment. The brewery is entitled to notify the third party to be named by the customer of the transfer of the claim and to assert the assigned claim in its own name.


The empties intended for reuse (crates, returnable bottles, barrels, pallets, etc.) are only made available to the customer for their intended use; it remains inalienable property of the brewery. This applies accordingly to empties owned by a trading partner or to neutral transport containers. The brewery calculates deposit amounts for the empties in accordance with the currently valid price list; these are due together with the purchase price plus VAT. The deposit amounts serve only as security. In no case do they apply as a basis of assessment for deductions and remuneration of any kind. The customer must return or return the empties immediately, at the latest within six months, in proper condition and in the same number and quality. The brewery can reject inappropriately high additional returns. If drinks are returned with an expired best-before date, only the deposit value plus VAT will be reimbursed. The brewery issues credits plus VAT for the returned empties. The brewery is only obliged to take back crates with the bottle types provided for this purpose and delivered by the brewery (so-called sorted returnable empties). When the business relationship is terminated or when empties are switched over, empties that are still in circulation will be taken back as usual. Not returned or damaged empties will be invoiced at the replacement price for new empties minus a 50% deduction for old ones, taking into account the corresponding deposit credit; the customer is free to provide evidence that no or less damage has occurred. The calculation is based on the shortfalls resulting from the empties bills.


The customer must check balance confirmations, lists and other accounts for correctness and completeness and raise objections in writing to the brewery within two weeks of receipt of the balance confirmation, list or settlement. Otherwise, these are considered approved if the brewery has informed the customer of the possibility of objection.

Usage conditions:

The customer undertakes to operate and maintain objects provided to him at his own expense and to treat them carefully and appropriately; In particular, the customer gives maintenance and repair orders for electrical cooling systems directly to a suitable specialist company, e.g. B. the supplier (customer service), in order. Lost or unusable items are to be replaced immediately by the customer with equivalent items and transferred to the brewery's property. The customer undertakes to adequately insure and keep the items insured against fire, burglary and tap water damage, in each case at the sliding new value, at his own expense and to notify the insurance company in writing, simultaneously notifying the brewery, that the items are the property of the brewery. The brewery must be notified in writing of the existence of insurance coverage no later than two months after the conclusion of the user contract and continuously by February 15 of the year. The customer hereby assigns the claim to the sum insured to the brewery, which in turn undertakes to withdraw the claim if its property has expired. The brewery hereby accepts the assignment. In the event of seizure, confiscation or other claims, the customer is obliged to notify the brewery in writing without delay, to send it a copy of the seizure protocol immediately and to assume any costs incurred as a result. The customer is not entitled to dispose of these items without the brewery's prior written consent, in particular to sell, pledge, rent or lend the items. In the event of a breach of duty, the brewery can request the customer to return the items in good condition. Instead, it can also demand to buy the items at their current value plus VAT, whereby the underlying usage relationship is also terminated; this does not apply to consumers / start-ups. To determine the fair value, a monthly rate of 1% of the net list price at the time of purchase / purchase price is applied from the date of availability for impairment. The return of the items is an obligation to deliver. If the customer is in arrears with the return, he owes the brewery a usage fee, calculated over a full month, in the amount of 1% per month of the purchase price proven by the brewery plus VAT; the customer is free to provide evidence that no or less damage has occurred. (In order to guarantee a professional expansion, the customer will usually commission the specialist company named by the brewery.) The customer is aware that the brewery processes his personal data automatically; this counts as notification within the meaning of Section 33 (1) of the Federal Data Protection Act. See also the privacy policy of
Hanscraft & Co. GmbH. The consent also includes data processing in relation to third parties.

Hanscraft Academy

The Hanscraft Academy offers brewing courses and beer tastings for all interest groups. In the Academy everything revolves around the topic of enjoyment,  Discover, experience, learn, brew and enjoy. Brewing courses and tastings on a wide variety of topics are offered and carried out under the guidance of our professional employees or guests from the industry.  The duration and number of participants of the individual events can vary. In general, the duration of an experience is between 1.5 and 6 hours. The number of participants in the brewing courses is a maximum of 12  Persons. In the case of experiences booked by companies or privately, up to 20 people can take part offline and an almost unlimited number of people online.  ​

Registration and participation fees

Registration for open experiences usually takes place on the Hanscraft Academy booking portal under "Experiences", but for individualized events it can also be done by email or telephone. Registration requires payment of the participation fee within 8 calendar days. If the participation fee is not paid within this time, the registration is not considered confirmed and the place (s) will be released again.  For individualized group or company events, half of the total amount is due immediately as a deposit when booking. The remaining amount after the event.  The prices stated in the offer apply. All prices in the booking portal include the statutory value added tax, individualized group and / or company events are calculated accordingly and are usually offered plus statutory value added tax. Payment is made after receipt of the registration confirmation in advance either by bank transfer or PayPal.  

Vouchers from the Hanscraft Academy generally have unlimited validity, provided that the euro does not lose any significant amount of its value compared to the time at which the voucher was purchased. The consequence would be an increase in the price of the services but consideration of the voucher value. A difference would then still be due and payable when participating.
  The vouchers are paid for immediately via PayPal in our web shop / delivery service. After receipt of payment, the vouchers will be sent by email  sent. Delivery by post is not possible. A payout of the voucher amount is not possible. Any credit after redeeming the voucher will not be paid out, but can be used for the next event.

Cancellations / Cancellations / Refunds

In the case of closed (individual) group or company events, the booking is considered binding. The following applies: "Booked is booked" and the event can only be canceled by mutual agreement. If a group or company cancels less than 4 weeks but more than 14 working days before the booked date, 30% of the agreed total costs will be charged as cancellation costs. If the cancellation is made less than 14 working days before the date, 70% of the agreed amount will be due for payment. If the event is canceled by the Hanscraft Academy due to illness, organizational reasons or due to insufficient number of participants, an alternative date will be set. The following applies to open experiences that can be booked in the booking portal: Cancellations up to 7 working days before the start of the event are free of charge except for an administrative expense allowance of a flat rate of € 20.00. Thereafter, 70% of the amount for the originally booked event remains due, the administrative flat rate does not apply in this case. Should an event from us, e.g. If, for example, it has to be canceled due to insufficient number of participants, the booking will of course remain valid for the next possible date. If you wish, you can also give all of the money back and there is no fee.

House rule

Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and in the inner courtyard of the hanscraft Academy. Alcohol is only served to people who are at least 18 years old. The instructions of the employees are to be observed and the instructions are to be followed.

After the experience, in the interests of a good neighborhood, leave the premises quietly.


Related photos, rights to your own image

By registering for the events, the participants consent to the use of photographs of themselves taken during the events of the hanscraft Academy, provided that these are used for advertising purposes by Hanscraft & Co. This includes the presentation on websites, Facebook pages, on flyers, posters, in advertisements and notices. The consent is valid without a time limit. The participants will be specially informed of this by a notice in the premises and asked to express their opinion if they do not consent to wine. If no objection is made, this is deemed to be prior consent. The objection of the right to one's own picture is waived in this respect.



The course participants are personally liable for the equipment and objects of Hanscraft & Co .. damaged by them. The participant is liable for damage and accidents that are caused directly by him / her to other participants. Hanscraft & Co. does not assume liability towards the participants for accidents, loss or damage to objects.

Fulfillment and jurisdiction:

is Aschaffenburg, provided the customer is a businessman. The same place of jurisdiction applies if the customer does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or if his domicile or usual place of residence is relocated outside of Germany or if his place of residence or usual place of residence is not known at the time the judicial dunning procedure or legal action is initiated. The brewery can also sue the customer at his place of jurisdiction.

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